Office Information and Mission

Information Technology Services provides the resources necessary to maintain a district-wide Management Information System.

The department's priority functions are payroll and general ledger accounting, personnel subsystem, student information systems (attendance, grade reporting, and permanent records), supply and procurement inventory, and infrastructure support.

2020欧洲杯积分 The department also supports the instructional application of software and maintains a helpdesk service for all users.

The mission of Information Technology Services is to provide the technology, leadership and services to the district to increase productivity and redirect both time and money from manual effort and toward improving productivity and efficiency.

Contact Information

Help Desk

Student Information Systems Help Desk
     (The Hub and Data Warehouse)

AJ Phillips 703.791.8722

Business Applications, Vincent Bess 703.791.8336
Information Systems Support, Debbie Miller 703.791.8954
Information Technology Services, Howard Pond 703.791.7323
Network Service and Architecture, Chris Hinzman 703.791.8732
Student Data and Information Security, Andy Wolfenbarger 703.791.8112
Workstation Support, Scott LaCasse 703.791.8167