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Children of various ages holding a sign that reads code of behavior

Code of Behavior (PDF)

Código de Conducta (Spanish)

행동강령 (Korean)

وثيقة قواعد السلوك (Arabic)​

ضابطہ اخلاق (Urdu)

Quy Tắc Ứng Xử 2020欧洲杯积分 (Vietnamese)

2020欧洲杯积分Printed copies of the COB are available in English of Spanish on request at the PWCS Student Services Office and at all school offices.




Providing A World-Class Education requires clear responsibilities, expectations, and rules that apply primarily to students, but also guide the behavior of parents, teachers, and school employees. These are addressed in detail in Prince William County Public Schools’ Policy and Administrative manuals, and are summarized in the Code of Behavior (COB).

Review the Code of Behavior

Make sure you and your children understand the expectations, rules and regulations, policies, and procedures it contains. Use these “rules of the road” to navigate opportunities and challenges in PWCS, while protecting the health, safety, and rights of PWCS students and staff, and the quality of our learning environment.


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Essential Forms & Information

Essential Forms & Information are contained in the COB booklet. Watch for more links to individual forms to be added here soon:
Family Life Education Opt-Out Form (PDF)

Scoliosis Fact Sheet (Regulation 753.01-1)

Vision and Hearing/Scoliosis Fact Sheet for Parents (PDF)

Student Email Account Opt-Out Form (PDF)

Find resources about student behavior and student assistance on Student Services webpage.