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Description Vendor Master Agreement Number Date Expired Attachment
A & E Services - Architectural Services

Architecture, Inc.

Architecture, Inc. Attachment

Blitz Associates, P.A.

Blitz Associates, P.A. Attachment

Hughes Group Architects, Inc.

Hughes Group Architects, Inc. Attachment

Moseley Architects

Moseley Architects Attachment

RRMM Architects PC

RRMM Architects PC Attachment

R-LB-17022-R3 Multiple 06/30/21  
A & E Services - Automatic Temperature Control Design and Commissioning Services Brinjac Engineering, Inc.

Brinjac Engineering, Inc. Attachment

Johnson Mirmiran and Thompson

Johnson Mirmiran and Thompson Attachment
R-SJ-16030-R2 Multiple 10/31/20   
A & E Services - Civil Engineering Services

Ross - France, PC

R-DJ-19022-R1 06/30/21
A & E Services - Geotechnical Engineering and Testing Services
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC Attachment

WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers 

WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers Attachment 
R-KS-18031-R2 Multiple 06/30/21  
A & E Services - MEP Engineering Services Ascent Engineering Group, Inc.

Ascent Engineering Group, Inc. Attachment

Blitz Associates, P. A.

Blitz Associates, P. A. Attachment

Gauthier Alvarado & Assoc Inc

Gauthier Alvarado & Assoc Inc Attachment

Moseley Architects

Moseley Architects Attachment

Setty & Associates, Ltd.

Setty & Associates, Ltd. Attachment

Strickler Associates, P. C. 

Strickler Associates, P. C. Attachment
R-LB-17023-R3 Multiple 06/30/21  
A & E Services - Roof Design Services Facility Engineering Assoc., PC

Restoration Engineering, Inc. 
R-DJ-19023-R1 Multiple 06/30/21  
A & E Services - Structural Engineering Services Adtek Engineers Inc

Moseley Architects
R-DJ-19024-R1 Multiple 06/30/21  
A & E Services - Wetland Environmental Engineering Services
Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.
R-KS-18032-R2  06/30/21  
Advertisement, Movie Theater National Cinemedia Corp.  R-SS-19911  06/30/24   
School Health Corporation NJPA-18500

Aerial Lighting Replacement and Repair Services Lighting Maintenance Inc

R.E. Lee Electric Co., Inc.
R-DJ-19038 06/30/21  
Air Conveyance Cleaning and Special Treatments (Air Duct)
Americlean Services Corp. 

Master Agreement Attachment
R-LB-18003-R1 11/30/20   
Air Filters, HVAC Air Filters, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-BB-16029-R4 04/30/21   
Antifreeze/Coolant Sonny Merryman  R-BB-15021-R5  05/31/21  
Appliance Service and Repairs, Domestic USA General Contractors, Inc. R-BB-18030-R1  12/31/21   
Aquaponic Project & Curriculum Ryan Chatterson
R-SS-19926 06/30/24  
Aquatic Center Management System Athlaction Holdings, LLC R-DJ-16032 09/30/20  
Archival - Electronic Record & Archive Management DataBank IMX LLC CFC-16517-R2 12/31/20   
Armored Car Service Brink's Incorporated VA-E194-78602 06/30/20  
Art Supplies - Warehouse Stock

Kurtz Bros.

Pyramid School Products

School Specialty, Inc.

R-SJ-16007-R3 01/31/21   
Asphalt Paving and Concrete Services Branscome Paving Company

Branscome Paving Attachment

Finley Asphalt & Sealing, Inc.

Finley Asphalt & Sealing, Inc. Attachment
R-SJ-14016-R4 Multiple 12/31/20  
Assessment Materials Didax, Inc. R-SS-19915  06/30/23   
Athletic and Physical Education Supplies and Team Uniforms BSN Sports, Inc. 

Free Freight Exclusions

Contract Pricing


TCPN-17520-R4 09/30/20 
Athletic and Physical Education Supplies and Team Uniforms BSN Sports, Inc. 

Free Freight Exclusions

Contract Pricing
TCPN-17520-R5 09/30/21  
Athletic and Recreational Surfaces, Playground & Equipment PLAYPOWER LT FARMINGTON INC NJPA-17533
Athletic Field Maintenance and Repair Game Day Incorporated

Game Day Incorporated Attachment

Premier Sports Fields LLC

Premier Sports Fields LLC Attachment
R-SJ-14032-R3 Multiple  01/31/22   
Auctioneering Services The Public Group, LLC CFC-20519A 02/28/21  
Audio Visual Products, Services & Maintenance Digital Video Group, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
VCU-17529-R3 02/28/21   
Automotive and Truck Aftermarket Parts
Currys Auto Parts, Inc.
Automotive and Truck Aftermarket Parts Advance Auto Parts USC-17526 12/31/20  
Automotive, School Bus OEM Parts Sonny Merryman R-BB-16014-R4  05/31/21  
Automotive, Transmission Fluid, Synthetic Crovato Products & Services, LLC  R-BB-17016-R1 05/31/21  
Band Uniforms Demoulin Brothers & Company LCPS-20523 01/31/21  
Band Uniforms Stanbury Uniforms, Inc. OMNI-20524 10/31/22   
Banking Services - Merchant Services Paymentech, LLC PWC-20510 10/10/21  
Basketball & Tennis Courts & Running Track Maintenance Repair ATC Corp.

Master Agreement Attachment
CFC-18518-R1  12/31/20  
Batteries, Automotive and School Bus Best Battery Co., Inc. R-BB-19032 08/31/24   
Bleacher Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service  T.J. Distributors Of MD, Inc. HCS-18513-R2  02/21/21  
Boiler Services  Capitol Boiler Works, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-BB-15016-R4A 09/30/20  
Brakes and Brake Parts Peterbilt of Richmond Inc R-BB-20018  06/30/25  
Bus Driving Simulator - Doron
Doron Precision Systems, Inc. RLB-8035-OS-R3  12/31/20
Buses, School Sonny Merryman VA-E194-73321-R4  05/15/21  
Cafeteria Smallwares Alto-Hartley R-BB-19015-01B 06/30/24   
Cafeteria Smallwares - Warehouse Stock Alto-Hartley R-BB-19015-02B  06/30/24   
Captioning Services Azur Cart & Captioning  R-SS-20016  06/30/25  
Captive Auto Parts  Moore Cadillac Hummer of Dulles LLC


Ted Britt Ford Sales, Inc.


PWC-16503-R4 Multiple 07/31/20  
Carpentry Services Primex Construction LLC 

Primex Construction LLC Attachment

Tito Contractors, Inc.

Tito Contractors, Inc. Attachment
R-BB-16009-R4 Multiple 09/30/20   
Carpentry Services Primex Construction LLC

Primex Construction LLC Attachment

Tito Contractors, Inc.

Tito Contractors, Inc. Attachment 
R-BB-16009-R5 Multiple  09/30/21  
Carpet - Remove, Furnish and Install JLM Enterprises of Virginia,Inc.  R-BB-14008-EX2 09/30/20   
Check Collection Services CHECKredi of Kentucky LLC  RNM-14041-R5  06/30/24  
Child Care Center Services Minnieland Private Day School (Bristow)

Minnieland Private Day School (Manassas)

Minnieland Private Day School (Woodbridge)
RNM-16013-R2 Multiple 06/30/22   
Child Care Services, School Age Care Program (SACC) & MS
AlphaBEST Education, Inc.  R-SF-14052-R2 08/31/21   
Chiller Preventive Maintenance & Repair Services Boland Trane Services LCPS-17531-R4 06/30/21  
Cisco Products, Maintenance and Services

Dimension Data North America Inc

DISYS Solutions, Inc.

ePlus Technology, Inc. 

VCU-18511-R2 Multiple 01/31/21  
Claims Administration PMA Management Corp. PWC-20503 05/31/22  
Clinical & Educational Assessment Materials Ncs Pearson, Inc. R-SS-18023-02B  06/30/23  
Clinical & Educational Assessment Materials
Riverside Assessments, LLC R-SS-18023-03
Comm Vault, Hardware, Software, and Services ePlus Technology, Inc. GS-35F-0511T-02  06/26/22  
Compensation, Retirement, and Benefits Consulting & Advisory The Segal Company UVA-15516-R1 05/31/25  
Computer Equipment, HP Peripherals and Accessories Daly Computer  R-DJ-15017-02-R2 12/31/20  
Computer Equipment, Lenovo Peripherals and Accessories Daly Computer R-DJ-15017-03-R2  12/31/20  
Construction Equipment, Heavy Duty James River Equipment Virginia LLC SCRW-20538  05/31/23  
Consultant Services to Support E-Rate Program Tel/Logic  R-TC-17012-R1 08/31/20   
Copier, Lease/Purchase (RICOH/USC)  Ricoh USA, Inc. USC-13535-D-R2 06/30/22  
Custodial Equipment  Acme Paper & Supply Co.

Lawrence Sanitary Co., Inc.

Rutherford Janitor Supply Corp.

R-SJ-17026-R2 Multiple  06/30/21   
Custodial Supplies - Warehouse Stock Abel Industries

Acme Paper & Supply Co.

Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC

Lawrence Sanitary Co. Inc.

Pyramid School Products

Riverside Paper Supply Company Inc
R-SJ-17009-R2 Multiple 09/30/20  
Custodial Supplies - Warehouse Stock Lawrence Sanitary Co. Inc. R-BB-18002  02/28/23   
Debt Collection Services F. H. Cann & Associates Inc.
DPS-20500 02/21/21  
Dell Computer Hardware, PCD's, Peripherals, and Servers Dell Marketing L.P. VA-190822-DELL  08/21/21   
Digital Copier Maintenance (Imaging Center)
Meridian Imaging Solutions  USC-17513-R1 06/30/22
Digital Menu Boards ISITE Software R-DJ-17001-R2 07/31/20   
Drug/Alcohol Collection, Testing and Medical Review Officer Forensic Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC R-SF-16038-R1 01/31/21  
Electrical Supplies - Warehouse Stock
Alexandria Lighting & Supply 

C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply Company, Inc.
R-BB-15012-R5  11/30/20   
Elevator and Chair Lift Full Service Maintenance
Landmark Elevator, Inc.  

Master Agreement Attachment
LCS-17502-EX1 10/31/20  
Elevator Equipment, Service and Repair and Related Services Thyssenkrupp Elevator NCPA-20520  08/31/20  
Elevator Inspection Services National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc CLC-19316-R1 11/30/21  
Employee Assistance Program Services ComPsych Corporation R-SF-17013-R1A 06/30/21   
Energy Performance Contracting Service Schneider Electric OMNI-20526 02/28/21  
Engine Parts, Cummins Peterbilt of Richmond Inc.  R-BB-14054-R5 10/31/20  
Environmental Abatement Services ACM Services, Inc.

ACM Services, Inc. Attachment

Barco Enterprises, Inc.

Barco Enterprises, Inc. Attachment

Waco, Inc.

Waco, Inc. Attachment
R-BB-14028-EX1 Multiple  09/30/20  
Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Engineering Services Apex Companies, LLC

Apex Companies, LLC Attachment

Applied Environmental, Inc.

Applied Environmental, Inc. Attachment


R-LB-16000-R4 Multiple 12/31/20   
Epipen Auto-Injectors Bioridge Pharma, LLC  R-TC-14027-R1 10/31/23   
Examination & Testing - Advanced Placement Exams & Services

Examination & Testing - College Board
Programs & Services

Examination & Testing - International Baccalaureate
College Entrance Examination Board

College Entrance Examination Board

International Baccalaureate Organization
Exercise Equipment, Accessories & Parts Heartline Fitness Products, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
FCPS-20535 02/28/23  
Fasteners MSF County Services Co.  R-BB-15308-R5 06/30/21  
Fencing Installation and Repair Services - Primary Long Fence Company, Inc.  PGC-18524  09/30/20  
Filters, Automotive K. Neal International Trucks, Inc.  R-BB-18022 06/30/23  
Financial Advisory Services PFM Financial Advisory LLC PWC-20012 05/31/20  
Financial/Personnel Administrative System CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc. RFP-080-94-02-OS3 10/31/28  
Fire Extinguishers and Hood Suppression
Guardian Fire Protection Services, LLC
R-LB-18020-R2  02/28/21  
Flexible Benefits Program P&A Administrative Services, Inc. PWC-17530-R3 06/30/21   
Fluid, Diesel Exhaust, School Bus Peterbilt of Richmond Inc R-BB-18026 03/31/23   
Food Service - Cleaning Products, Dispensers and Services  Food Safety Solutions, Inc. WCS-19519-R1 06/30/21   
Food Service Cleaning Supplies Diamond Chemical Company Inc

GMS Industrial Supply, Inc.

Pasco Brokerage, Inc.
R-BB-18049 Multiple 12/31/23  
Food Services POS System - Maintenance/Software/Equipment Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. SS-5727B-OS  07/31/20  
Food Services POS System - Maintenance/Software/Equipment Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. SS-5727B-OS 07/31/21  
Food - Beverages Royalle Dining Services RNM-15033-R4 01/31/21   
Food - Delivery of USDA Commodities DORI FOODS, INC. VDA-17542-R3 06/30/21  
Food - DOD Produce Program Defense Finance and Accounting Service  DOD-20506 08/21/22   
Food: Fresh Bread Schmidt Baking Company, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-BB-18034  07/31/23  
Food: Fresh Produce PJK Food Service R-BB-18033 07/31/23  
Food:Groceries/Meats/Frozens/Snacks/Admin. Dining

Dori Foods, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment

R-BB-18029 07/31/23  
Food: Milk and Dairy Products DFA Dairy Brands Fluid, LLC
Master Agreement Attachment
R-BB-18035A 07/31/23  
Food/Supplies - Culinary Arts Program U.S. Foodservice USC-18525 06/30/23   
Forms, Administrative (FORMost) FORMost Graphic Communications, Inc.  R-KS-20004 09/30/24  
Freight Management Services
United Parcel Service
Fuel - Delivery and Repairs of Existing Equipment James River Solutions R-BB-17018-R1  06/30/21   
Fund Raising Services
Multiple Services

How To Become an Approved Fundraiser
Crowdfunding Activity Approval Form
Planned Fundraising Activities

Furniture - Classroom & Miscellaneous (Warehouse Use Only) Virco, Inc.  R-TC-18004-01  12/31/22
Furniture - Educational, Classroom & Miscellaneous Products & Services Virco, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-TC-18004 12/31/22  
Furniture - Office  OFS Brands, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
TCPN-16510-EX1 10/31/20  
Furniture - Office/Classroom (The Hon Company) The HON Company

Master Agreement Attachment
TCPN-15518-EX1  10/31/20  
Furniture - Office & Related Products Arcadia Chair Company

Artcobell Corporation

Interiors By Guernsey, LLC

Trendway Corporation
08/31/20 Summary 
Furniture Solutions with Related Accessories and Services Krueger International  SCRW-20528 02/18/24  
Furniture - Varidesk

Varidesk, LLC

Master Agreement Attachment 1

Master Agreement Attachment 2

Gas, Propane Amerigas Propane LP  CCC-18516-R2 06/30/21  
Global Positioning System for School Buses Synovia Solutions LLC R-BB-13014-R4A  09/30/20   
Global Positioning System for School Buses Synovia Solutions LLC  R-BB-13014-R5 09/30/21  
Gloves, Nitrile Examination Interboro Packaging Corp. R-KS-19004 09/30/20  
Graduation Requirements DMKP Inc

R-SF-19017 Multiple 12/31/23  
Greenwood/Heinemann Publishing Programs Greenwood Publishing Group, LLC  R-SS-19925  06/30/24   
Grounds Maintenance Equipment - Kubota Byrd Tractor SOW-19518 08/18/21   
Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Parts and Repair Services Finch Services Inc.

Gambrills Equipment Company

Kohler Equipment, Inc.

New Virginia Tractor, LLC

Turf Equipment & Supply Co.

Virginia Outdoor Power Equipment Company Inc
CFC-20513 Multiple  07/31/24  
Group Vision Program VSP Vision Care, Inc. R-TC-19020-R1 06/30/21  
Gymnasium Equipment & Partition Inspection, Maintenance & Repair T. J. Distributors of MD, Inc. HCS-18514-R2 02/21/21  
Hazardous Waste Removal & Disposal Services  Triumvirate Environmental Baltimore

Veolia Environmental Services 
VA-E194-72842-R1 Multiple  10/09/20  Summary
Health & Safety, Athletic, Medical, 1st Aid Equip/Supplies School Health Corporation
Hearing Systems Phonak LLC R-SS-19921  03/31/23  
Heating Oil James River Solutions  R-BB-19033  09/30/24   
Human Resource Management Solution Severin Intermediate Holdings, LLC R-DJ-19003 06/30/23  
HVAC Control Services - Automated Logic E.M.S. Consultants, Inc. R-SS-17007 09/30/21  
HVAC Controls, Parts and Accessories
Boland Trane Services

Southern Refrigeration Corp.
R-BB-16002-R4  12/31/20  
HVAC Direct Digital Control Services
Engineered Services, Inc.

Siemens Industry, Inc.
R-BB-13028-R5 Multiple 03/31/21  
HVAC On Call Equipment Repair and Replacement Services ColonialWebb Contractors

Johnson Controls
R-BB-13017-EX1 Multiple 03/31/20   
HVAC Preventive Maintenance and Repairs - Aquatic Center Munters Corporation R-SS-20930  12/31/24  
HVAC Systems, Installation and Services Carrier Corporation SRCW-20518 05/08/21  
Identity Management Software Subscription and Support Identity Automation, LP R-SJ-16006-R4 07/31/20  
Identity Management Software Subscription Identity Automation, LP  R-SJ-16006-R5 06/30/21   
Industrial Supplies
Ww Grainger  SRCW-20509  01/25/23  
Information Technology - Apple Hardware, Software and Services Apple Computer, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
VA-150605-APPL-R5 04/30/21  
Information Technology - IBM Enterprise Products & Services Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.  NCPA-20516-R1 11/30/20   
Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services DLT Solutions, LLC GS-35F-267DA 04/10/21  
Information Technology - NetworkVirginia Broadband Comcast Holdings Corporation AACS-17501-R1 06/30/20   
Information Technology - Storage System - Pure Storage ePlus Technology, Inc. PEPP-17525-R2  12/31/21   
Instructional Materials Scholastic Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SS-18045A 12/01/20  
Instructional Materials - Project Lead the Way Project Lead The Way, Inc.  R-SS-16008-OS-R5A 06/30/21  
Instructional Supplies ACE Educational Supplies Inc.

The Acorn Group, Inc.


J & S Plan B, LLC

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Kappa Map Group, LLC

Kurtz Bros.

Lakeshore Learning Materials

MAAT Resources, Inc.

John C. Nowell dba National School Products


Really Good Stuff

School & Office Annex

School Specialty, Inc.

SJS Partnership

S & S Worldwide

The Library Store, Inc

VWR Funding
R-KS-18000 Multiple  11/30/23  Summary Listing
Insurance Broker/Agent Services for Workers' Compensation Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Washington DC PWC-16528-R3  07/30/20  
Insurance - Group Health Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States Inc R-SS-19919-R1 04/21/21  
Insurance - Group Health & Dental Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Sheild

Delta Dental Plan of Virginia
R-TC-18048 Multiple  06/30/20   
Insurance - Group Health Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield R-TC-18048-R1 06/30/21  
Insurance - Liability Property Va Municipal Liability Pool RLB-3038A 07/31/22  
Interactive Whiteboards - Promethean
Clinton Learning Solutions, LLC

Master Agreement Attachment
R-DJ-18007-02-R1 04/30/21  
Interactive Whiteboards - Smart/Epson Virginia Integrated Communication

Master Agreement Attachment

R-DJ-18007-01-R1 04/30/21  
Investment Consultant for Supplemental Retirement Plans  Bolton Partners Investment Consulting Group, Inc. R-TC-004-16-R3  06/30/21  
Irrigation Parts & Supplies Smith Turf & Irrigation, LLC JMU-20512-R1 02/21/21  
Irrigation Systems Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. CFC-19504 08/31/23  
IT, General Purpose, Hardware, Software and Service, iBoss iboss, Inc. GS-35F-189BA 01/30/24  
IT Hardware Dimensions Data North America Inc CFC-19503 06/30/23  
IT Hardware Dimensions Data North America Inc FCPS-20501-A  06/30/23  
IT Hardware, Software & Services CDW LLC

Master Agreement Attachment
CFC-16520 12/04/20  
Kitchen Equipment 11400 Inc


NCG & J Corporation

Sam Tell and Son, Inc.
R-BB-19011 Multiple 12/31/23   
Laerdal Medical CPR Manikin Devices and Supplies Laerdal Medical Corp.

Master Agreement Attachment
COFVA-18522-R2 12/31/20  
Landscaping Maintenance Rivas Design & Landscaping, LLC

Master Agreement Attachment 
PWC-18519-R2  02/28/21   
Language Services Propio Language Services LLC (Telephonic Interpretation)

Propio Language Services LLC Attachment

Transperfect Translations International, Inc. (Face-to-Face & Telephonic Interpretation)

Transperfect Translations International, Inc. Attachment
R-NM-16034-R2 06/30/22  
Learning Management System - Canvas Instructure, Inc.
JMU-20514-A  07/31/20   
Learning Management System - Canvas Instructure, Inc.  JMU-20514-R1 08/31/22  
Library Books

Bound To Stay Bound Books

Bound To Stay Bound Books Attachment

Cengage Learning

Coughlan Companies Inc.

Follette School Solutions

Follette School Solutions Attachment

GL Group, Inc.

Hertzberg-New Method, Inc.

Mackin Book Company

Mackin Book Company Attachment

MT Library Services

MT Library Services Attachment

Scholastic Library Publishing

The Penworthy Company LLC

World Book, Inc.

R-KS-17008-R1 Multiple 01/31/21 Summary Listing
Liners, Trash Can - Warehouse Stock
Calico Packaging, LLC  R-SJ-17014-R2  02/28/21  
Locks and Lock Parts Accredited Lock Supply

Fried Brothers Inc.
R-BB-20020 05/31/25  
Locksmith Services National Security & Door Corp.

Master Agreement Attachment 
R-BB-14040-EX1 10/31/20  
Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Supplies Home Depot Crc

Master Agreement Attachment
Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Supplies Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
OMNI-20530 03/31/23   
Manhole Repair Services Lyttle Utilities, Incorporated

Master Agreement Attachment
PWCSA-17532-R3 03/29/21   
Masonry Services Colossal Contractors, Inc.  R-BB-16039-R3 09/30/20   
Masonry Services Colossal Contractors, Inc. R-BB-16039-R4  09/30/21   
Medical Consulting Services Inova Physician Partners, Inc. R-SF-16004-R2A 02/28/22  
Medical Examination Services for Employment Related Services NMG Affiliate Practice I, LLC R-SF-20001 12/31/22  
Microsoft Master Services
Motor Oils and Greases Tilley Chemical Co., Inc. CFC-17512B 07/31/21  
Mulch Wood Installation for Playground JK Enterprises Landscape Supply, LLC FCPS-17516-R1  08/31/20  
Murals, Wall, Custom Design Stacy Ridgeway R-SS-16016-R1  12/31/21   
Music Facility Equipment  Wenger Corporation R-AF-19026 04/30/23  
Musical Instruments Guitar Center Stores Inc  FCS-18517 07/31/23  
Musical Instrument Repair Services

Day Violins LLC

Day Violins LLC Attachment

KBI Music Shoppe LLC

KBI Music Shoppe LLC Attachment

R-AF-19031 Multiple 04/30/23   
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. SS-15013-B
National Inventor Hall of Fame, Camp Invention Program National Inventors Hall of Fame Inc. R-SS-20934A  09/01/23  
Natural Gas Columbia Gas

Exelon Corporation

Washington Gas 
VA-E194-749-R2 Multiple 06/30/20  
Network Consulting-Sole Source-James Watson James Watson
R-SS-17003-06 09/30/21
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care American Care Partners at Home Inc. R-SS-18039 06/30/22   
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care Blessed Healthcare Professionals, Inc. R-SS-20928  06/30/26   
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care FAMA Healthcare Services, LLC R-SS-18025  06/30/30  
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care Maxim Healthcare Services R-SS-15010-R3A 08/31/21   
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care MPS Healthcare Inc. R-SS-15011-R4 08/31/21  
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care
Pediatric Services of America, Inc. R-SS-18008
Nursing Services, Continuous Duty Day Care Ma-Lowe Home Care Agency, Inc. R-SS-16033-R2 06/30/22   
Office Supplies Office Depot AMER-20517 09/30/21  
Office Supplies - Warehouse Stock Interstate Office Supply

National Art & School Supplies

Pyramid School Products

Quill Corporation

School Specialty, Inc. 
R-SJ-15000-EX1 Multiple 07/31/20   
On Call Utility Services for Misc. Sewer and Water Lines Prince William Pipeline Corp PWC-20508-R2 01/23/21  
On-Line Marketplace for Purchase of Products and Services LLC R-TC-17006 01/18/22
On-Line Learning Services: Edmentum, Inc. 

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SF-18024  06/30/23  
Online Subscription Products/Services WhyTry, LLC R-SS-20910 06/30/24   
Online Video Streaming Services 2080 Media, Inc.  R-SS-20900  06/30/24  
Oracle Software Licenses and Support Services Mythics, Inc. VA-170130-MYTH-R2 02/22/21   
Packaging Supplies - Warehouse Stock  Cantwell-Cleary Co., Inc. R-SJ-16019-R3 03/31/21   
Painting - Pavement Marking & Site Signage Services  Roger Dale Hancock

Master Agreement Attachment

R-KS-18018-R1 10/31/21  
Painting Services Primary Ventures, Inc.

Primary Ventures, Inc. Attachment

Vatos Painting & Contracting

Vatos Painting & Contracting Attachment 
R-BB-16037-R4 Multiple 06/30/21  
Paper and Other Disposable Products - Food Services Merchants Grocery Co., Inc. 

Master Agreement Attachment
RNM-14044-R5 07/31/20   
Paper, Fine Paper and Plain Envelopes B W Wilson Paper Co. VA-E194-83082-B 10/31/20   
Paper, Palletized, Truckload B W Wilson Paper Co. VA-E194-79546-R1 07/31/20  
Partitions, Wall System, Operable Modern Door And Equipment  MCS-20505-R1  04/21/21  
P-Card Services JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA  CFC-17508

P-Card Services JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA CFC-17508-R1 08/14/22  
Pharmacy Benefits Management Services
WellDyne Holding Corporation PWC-16527-R3 06/31/21
Photography Services

Candid Color Photography, Ltd.

Candid Color Photography, Ltd. Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.-
Elementary and Middle

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc. Elementary and Middle School Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc. - High Schools

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc. High School Handbook

Scherling Photography LLC

Scherling Photography LLC Handbook

Strawbridge Studios, Inc

Strawbridge Studios, Inc. Handbook

Victor O'Neill Studios LLC

Victor O'Neill Studios LLC Handbook

RKS-14002-R5 Multiple 10/31/20  
Photography Services

Candid Color Photography, Ltd.

Candid Color Photography, Ltd. Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.-
Elementary and Middle

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.- Elementary and Middle School Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc. - High Schools 

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.-High Schools Handbook

Scherling Photography LLC

Scherling Photography LLC Handbook

Strawbridge Studios, Inc 

Strawbridge Studios, Inc. Handbook

Victor O'Neill Studios LLC 

Victor O'Neill Studios LLC Handbook

RKS-14002-R5-EXT Multiple 06/30/21  
Physical Education Supplies & Equipment  The Prophet Corporation USC-17510-R2 09/30/21   
Playground Equipment, Ground Covering & Installation Playcore Wisconsin, Inc.
USC-17539-02  06/30/22

Playground Equipment, Surfacing, Site Furnishing, ETC... KOMPAN, Inc.
USC-17539-01  06/30/22
Pool Chemicals Harper and Company, Incorporated  CH-19514-R1 11/12/20  
Pool Chemicals
Amato Industries Inc./Amchlor  CFC-18505


Pool Chemicals and Supplies Harper and Company, Incorporated GMU-17504-R4 12/06/20  
Pool Chemicals and Supplies Roberts Oxygen Co., Inc APS-17505-R3 01/31/21   
Poster Making Equipment/3D Printer Varitronics, LLC  RSS-13003-R7 07/31/23   
Printing Bindery Graphic Arts Services  Allen Wayne Ltd. CFC-19522-R1  03/31/21   
Printing Bindery Graphic Arts Services Stephenson Printing Inc.  CFC-20533 03/31/21  
Professional Development Breakout Inc R-SS-13045-38 06/30/24  
Professional Development  Buck Institute for Education  R-SS-13045-34 06/30/25   
Professional Development CasasLWP, LLC R-SS-13045-39 12/31/22   
Professional Development Center for Creative Leadership  R-SS-20924  12/01/22  
Professional Development Corwin Press, Inc. R-SS-13045-40 12/31/22   
Professional Development EducationHall, LLC R-SS-13045-37  08/31/24   
Professional Development Franklin Covey Client Sales, Inc. R-SS-13045-35A  06/30/25   
Professional Development Gallup, Inc. R-SS-13045-41  04/21/24  
Professional Development Seidlitz Education, LLC R-SS-13045-36 06/30/24  
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Fierce, Inc. R-SS-13045-31-R1 07/01/22  
Professional Development/Consulting/Training  Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes R-SS-13045-33  06/30/23   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Loving Guidance R-SS-13045-25-EX1 09/30/24  
Professional Development/Consulting/Training  Avishag Reisman R-SS-13045-27-EX1  09/30/24  
Professional Development/Consulting/Training  Severin Intermediate Holdings, LLC   R-SS-13045-26  12/31/20   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training  Janet N. Zadina   R-SS-13045-29   07/31/20   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Lisa A. Dieker 

R-SS-13045-24-EX1  06/30/23   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Handle With Care  R-SS-13045-19-EX2  06/30/22  
Professional Development/Consulting/Training  Scholastic Inc.   R-SS-13045-23-EX1  06/30/23   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Shenandoah University  R-SS-13045-28-EX1   01/11/21   
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Anti-Defamation League (R-SS-13045-14-EX2)

Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

Center For Applied Linguistics (R-SS-13045-02-EX2)

Audrey Cohan (R-SS-13045-21-EX2)

Maria G. Dove (R-SS-13045-12-EX2)

Andrea Honigsfeld (R-SS-13045-11-EX2)

Kagan Professional Development (R-SS-13045-04 -EX2)

Mid-Continent Research For Education and Learning (R-SS-13045-08-EX2)

Janet Lee Richardson (R-SS-13045-03-EX2)

Simply Achieve LLC (R-SS-13045-07-EX2)
Professional Development/Consulting/Training Ncs Pearson, Inc. R-SS-13045-05-EX2 12/31/25   
Professional Development Materials The Flying Classroom, LLC R-SS-19922 06/30/24  
Professional Development - Participate The Center for International Education, Inc. R-SS-18047 06/30/23  
Professional Learning Communities American Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences  R-SF-18036-R1 06/30/24   
PSAT/NMSQT Early Participation Program College Entrance Examination Board R-SS-13011-OS-08 06/30/21  
Quarry Materials Vulcan Materials Company R-BB-15009-R5 09/30/20   
Ramp and Stair System, Modular - All Aluminum Hydro Holding North America, Inc.  R-LB-19000-R1  09/30/20   
Ramp and Stair System, Modular - All Aluminum Hydro Holding North America, Inc.  

Master Agreement Attachment
R-LB-19000-R2  09/30/21   
Reinsurance for Group Health Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. R-TC-16027-R4 06/30/21  
Rental Equipment for Construction and Related Maintenance United Rentals (North America), Inc. NJPA-20511 10/20/20  
Research Services The Hanover Research Council R-SS-12043-R6 03/31/21   
Road Salt Mid-Atlantic Salt, LLC COG-19505-R1  08/31/20  
Road Salt Mid-Atlantic Salt, LLC COG-19505-R2 08/31/21  
Roof Repair Services Function Enterprises, Inc.  

Function Enterprises, Inc. Attachment

Northeast Contracting Corp.

Northeast Contracting Corp. Attachment
R-LB-17011-R2 Multiple 03/31/21   
Rycor-Electronic Forms Management System: Hardware/Software/Service
Rycor Solutions Inc HCPS-19512-R2 06/30/21  
Safety Shoes Lehigh Valley Safety Supply Co., Inc. 

Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co.
CFC-18512 Multiple 01/31/21   
Scholastic Inc. - Scholastic Education Programs Scholastic, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SS-19924 06/30/24   
School Bus Bodies Repair Services Downtown Garage  PWC-19507-R1  08/31/20   
School Bus Bodies Repair Services Sonny Merryman CFC-18509  10/31/22   
School Bus Repair Parts Peterbilt of Richmond Inc

Sonny Merryman
R-BB-18028 Multiple 06/30/23  
School Bus Routing, Scheduling and Management Software Tyler Technologies, Inc. RFP-6037-OS3 08/31/22  
Science/Labware Supplies & Equipment Fisher Science Education

Master Agreement Attachment
USC-16500-R2 06/30/22  
Security System, Visitor Identification System Raptor Technologies  RFP-8007-OS1  09/30/20   
Shelving, Mobile, Track Type
Shop Equipment 
Fries, Beall And Sharp Co., Inc. R-BB-16018-R4 12/31/20   
Shop Equipment, Tools and Replacement Parts & Service Snap-On Industrial CMC-17518-EX1  05/05/21  
Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Program Standard Insurance Company R-TC-18043  12/31/21  
Shredding - On-site Services Shred Ace, Inc. R-KS-18050-A  06/30/20   
Signs, Electronic Message Centers Gearheart Enterprises, LLC  R-BB-16036-R3  08/31/20  
Sign Language Interpreter Services & Cued Speech Transliterator Services HIS Sign, LLC 

HIS Sign, LLC Attachment         

Sign Language USA

Sign Language USA Attachment
APS-20525-R1 Multiple 05/31/21  
Sign Language Interpreter Services

Graham Staffing Services, Inc.

Sign Language Professionals, Inc.

2020欧洲杯积分 Multiple

Signage, ADA, Furnish and Install Baker Builders, LLC  R-LB-14009-R5 12/31/20   
SiteImprove, Software and Services
SiteImprove, Inc. 

GS-35F-036CA-R1 10/24/24

Smart Boards
**See Interactive Whiteboards**      
Software, Admin. - Dashboard, Analytics and Reporting System Worldgate, LLC RVH-11307-R9 06/30/21  
Software, Administrative - Data Management System, Special Education Public Consulting Group, Inc. RBH-10030-R9  06/30/21   
Software - Administrative (WinOcular) Combined Computer Resources  RFP-8028-EX8  06/30/20  
Software - Administrative (Workplace Ethics Training System) NAVEX Global R-DJ-16020-R1 09/17/20  
Software - Digital Communication Management Carahsoft Technology Corporation GS-35F-0119Y  12/19/21  
Software - Facilities Management - SchoolDude Dude Solutions Inc. CFC-20529 02/28/21   
Software - Information Technology SHI International Corp. VA-180917-SHI 09/16/20   
Software - Instructional (Achieve3000) Achieve3000  RFP-5011-EX10 06/30/21   
Software - Instructional (Imagination Station) Imagination Station, Inc. RJD-12011-R7 11/30/20  
Software - Library Automation Software Follett School Solutions RKS-5008-EX9 07/31/20  
Software Licenses and Support, Proofpoint
Vinitech Inc. GS-35F-0515V-R1  06/09/24   
Software - Sole Source- Business Objects Crystal Reports SAP Public Services, Inc. R-SS-14011-21 09/30/21
Software, Sole Source - BoardDocs-Paperless eGovernance Virginia School Boards Association R-SS-14011-11  05/31/24
Software - Sole Source - Brainshark
Brainshark, Inc
R-SS-14011-15 09/30/21
Software - Sole Source - D2L D2L Ltd R-SS-14011-07-R1 02/28/24   
Software, Sole Source - Dreambox Learning License
DreamBox Learning, Inc.
Software, Sole Source - Ebsco Online Database Subscription Ebsco Publishing
R-SS-14011-23 11/30/20
Software, Sole Source - Imagine Learning Products & Services Imagine Learning, Inc.  R-SS-20927 06/30/24   
Software - Sole Source - ImPACT Application-Concussion System ImPACT Applications, Inc. R-SS-14011-22 11/30/20
Software - Sole Source - IXL Learning
IXL Learning, Inc.
R-SS-14011-06-R1 12/31/23
Software - Sole Source - Keystone Learning OnDemand LMS Global Learning Systems LLC R-SS-19913-R1  04/30/21  
Software, Sole Source - Learning A-Z and Explorelearning LAZEL, Inc. R-SS-14011-26 05/30/21
Software Sole Source - MailMarshall Secure Email
Trebron Company Inc.
Software - Sole Source - Moodlerooms - LMS

R-SS-14011-25 05/31/21
Software - Sole Source - Naiku Assessment Software Naiku, Inc. R-SS-19903 02/28/24   
Software - Sole Source - Naviance
Naviance, Inc.
R-SS-14011-01E 07/26/21
Software - Sole Source - NWEA MAP
Northwest Evaluation Association R-SS-14011-16 09/30/21
Software - Sole Source - Proquest
ProQuest LLC
R-SS-14011-17 09/30/21
Software - Sole Source - Read 180, Math 180 and System 44 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company R-SS-14011-03-R1 04/30/24   
Software - Sole Source - Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Ltd.
R-SS-17003-03 09/30/21
Software - Sole Source - ROSworks ROSworks LLC R-SS-14011-14-R1 08/31/20  
Software - Sole Source - Schoolbooks (Blue Bear) The Active Network R-SS-14011-05-R6 06/30/20  
Software - Sole Source - Study Island - Reading Eggs and Plato Edmentum, Inc.
R-SS-14011-02-R1 12/31/23
Software - Sole Source - Tech4Learning
R-SS-17003-05  09/30/21
Sole Source - Aquatic Center Service Endless Summer Aquatics, Inc R-SS-19007-01  08/31/28  
Sole Source - Aquatic Center Timing System Upgrade Colorado Time Systems  R-SS-19927  05/31/21  
Sole Source - Instructional Software/Equipment Square Panda Inc  R-SS-19019-01  10/31/23  
Sole Source - Professional Learning, Inc.
R-SS-17003-07 04/30/22
Sole Source - Mizuni-License
Mizuni, Inc.
R-SS-17003-04 08/31/21
Sole Source - myOn Products and Services
Renaissance Learning, Inc. R-SS-17003-11A 08/31/22
Sole Source - Nearpod Software License Nearpod Inc. R-SS-19019-02  12/31/23   
Sole Source - SANS Institute
Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies, Inc. R-SS-17003-02
Sole Source Software - PowerSchool (Interactive Achievement) Severin Intermediate Holdings, LLC RKS-11006-OS 07/31/20   
Sole Source - Virtual Benefits Advisor
The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.
Sole Source - VoiceThread
VoiceThread LLC
R-SS-17003-10 08/31/22
Solid Waste & Recyclable Pick-Up & Disposal  American Disposal Services, Inc. R-KS-19029 07/31/24  
Special Education Assessment and Testing Materials Jigsaw Learning LLC

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SS-18046 06/30/23   
Speech & Language Pathology, O.T., P.T., School  Progressus Therapy, LLC  PGCPS-19502-R1 07/31/20   
Sprinkler System Testing, Inspection and Repair Services United Sprinkler Company, Inc. R-LB-14048-R5  01/31/21   
Star Reading & Star Math Adaptive Tests & Database Software Renaissance Learning, Inc. R-SS-19006  07/31/25  
STEM Instructional Materials Ronald A. Williams, Ltd.

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SS-16011-R1 06/30/25   
ST Math - Site Licenses & Professional Development MIND Research Institute  

Master Agreement Attachment
R-SS-20920  06/30/22   
Storage Buildings, Precast (Concrete)  Smith-Midland Corporation

Master Agreement Attachment
BCC-17523-R3 10/23/20   
Stormwater Structure Maintenance Apex Companies, LLC

Master Agreement Attachment


JMU-19513-R1 07/20/20  
Stormwater Structure Maintenance Apex Companies, LLC JMU-19513-R2 07/21/21  
Streaming Subscription - Discovery Education Discovery Education  R-SS-13047-R2A  06/30/24  
Student Information System - Synergy Edupoint Educational Systems R-DJ-17021 12/31/22  
Student Planners School Datebooks, Inc. LCPS-20527 02/28/21  
Subscription Services - Newsela, Inc. Newsela, Inc. R-SS-20919 07/02/22  
Supplemental Retirement Plans Lincoln Financial Group R-TC-15032-R2  12/31/20  
Surveillance Equipment and Installation
T L Garden and Associates
Surveillance Equipment Repair Parts and Services PELCO
R-SS-12030-R1 10/31/20
Technology Products, Services and Solutions Insight Public Sector, Inc. OMNI-20521  04/30/21  
Telecommunications and Internet Services Cox Communication, Inc. FCPS-17538-R2 06/30/20  
Telecommunications Services: Wireless Digital & Data Service
AT&T Mobility II, LLC


T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Telephone Services - POTS - Verizon Granite Telecommunications, LLC GSA-35F-208BA  02/09/24   
Temporary Employment Services Acro Service Corp

Master Agreement Attachment


USC-14525-R3  12/31/21   
Temporary Employment Services

EBS Healthcare

EBS Healthcare Attachment

Delta-T Group Virginia, Inc.

Delta-T Group Virginia, Inc. Attachment

Kforce Inc.

Kforce Inc. Attachment

Maximum Healthcare Services

Maxium Healthcare Services Attachment

Progressus Therapy LLC

Progressus Therapy LLC Attachment

Sunbelt Staffing LLC

Sunbelt Staffing LLC Attachment

ACPS-19501-R2 Multiple  03/10/21  
Temporary Employment Services Temporary Solutions, Inc. 

Master Agreement Attachment
PWC-20502- R1 06/09/21  
Textbooks, Career and Technical Education (CTE) B. E. Publishing

B. E. Publishing Attachment

Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning Attachment

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC) Attachment

Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc.

Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Attachment

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc. Attachment


National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC


Pivot Point International, Inc.


SDC Publications, Inc.


R-TB-19013 Multiple 06/30/26   
Textbooks, Career and Technical Education (CTE)  State of West Virginia  R-TB-19013-09  06/30/27   
Textbooks, CTE, HS Dual Enrollment, NVCC IT Course Cengage Learning

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)Attachment

John Wiley and Sons

Textbooks, CTE, HS, Nursing Elsevier Inc. R-SS-18006-B 07/31/22  
Textbooks - History and Social Science Cambridge University Press

Cengage Learning

Five Ponds Press Books, Inc.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Macmillan Holdings LLC

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc. Attachment

Oxford University Press

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)

W. W. Norton & Company Inc.


Textbooks - History and Social Science
Ethel Wood
Textbooks, Language Arts - Elementary School
Benchmark Education Co.

Textbooks, Language Arts - Middle School
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company RTB-14035-03C 06/30/21
Textbooks, Language Arts - Middle & High School Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company RTB-14035-02A 06/30/21
Textbooks, Language Arts - High School
Marion Street Press LLC

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)
RTB-14035 Multiple 06/30/21  
Textbooks, Mathematics Cengage Learning


Cengage Learning Master Agreement Attachment A Part 1

Cengage Learning Master Agreement Attachment A Part 2 

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC)

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning, LLC) Attachment

Macmillan Holdings LLC 

Macmillan Holdings LLC Attachment

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc. Attachment



Skylight Software, Inc.


R-TB-19012 Multiple 06/30/26   
Textbooks, Science - High School Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company RTB-13035-R1  06/30/22   
Theatrical Lighting Installation, Repairs & Parts Parlights, Inc.

Master Agreement Attachment
BCPS-18504  08/30/20
Therapist Services - Speech Language Therapy

Cobb Pediatric Speech Services, Inc.

Ebs Healthcare

FCPS-17517-R4  06/30/21   
Tile - Remove, Furnish and Install Floor Tile JLM Enterprises of Virginia, Inc. 

Master Agreement Attachment
R-BB-13025-EX2  08/31/20  
Time Management Software - Kronos Kronos Incorporated OMNIA-19515 03/18/23  
Tires, New, Automotive & School Bus McCarthy Tire & Automotive Srv CFC-16523-R2  03/31/21   
Tires, Retread, School Bus McCarthy Tire & Automotive Srv CFC-17515-R1  11/30/20  
Traffic Planning Services

Gorove/Slade Associates, Inc.

Vettra Co.

R-SJ-16028-R2 Multiple 06/30/21  
Trailers - Classroom and Business Use Modular Technologies Inc. R-LB-18001-R1 07/31/20  
Trailers - Classroom and Business Use Modular Technologies Inc. 

Master Agreement Attachment
R-LB-18001-R2 07/31/21   
Trailers - Classroom - Relocation Services US Modular Group East, Inc. R-LB-19025  01/31/22   
Trailers - Classroom - Relocation Services C&N Mobile Home Transport LLC

C&N Mobile Home Transport LLC Attachment

Pinnacle Construction, Inc.

Pinnacle Construction, Inc. Attachment
Trane - HVAC Products & Equipment Boland Trane Services

Trane U.S. Inc. 
Trane - HVAC Products & Equipment Boland Trane Services

Trane U.S. Inc. 
USC-18506-R2 Multiple 09/30/22   
Transportation Services - Student - Supplemental ALC Schools, LLC OMNI-20515 12/31/22   
Travel Agency Services Mid Atlantic Receptive Services, LLC FCPS-19506-04 06/30/20  
Travel Agency Services Lakeland Holdings, LLC dba World Strides

Mount Vernon Travel, Inc.

Thompson Travel Bureau, Inc dba Jim Mulvihill Tours
FCPS-19506-R1 Multiple  06/30/20  
Travel Agency Services

Mid Atlantic  Receptive Services, LLC

Mount Vernon Travel, Inc.

Uniforms, Shoes, First Aid, Safety, AED's Cintas Corp.#2 R-BB-19002-A 10/31/23   
Vehicles 72 Hour LLC NJPA-18510  01/17/21  
Vehicles, Ford Escapes Hall Automotive CCC-19511-R2  04/24/21  
Virtual Job Shadow - Site Licenses Strivven Media LLC  R-SS-20905 06/30/24  
Water and Wastewater Treatment Services Environmental Systems Service, Ltd. 

Master Agreement Attachment
R-LB-17020-R2 04/30/21  
Web Services, Content Management Solution Intrado Interactive Services Corporation R-DJ-16005-R4 06/30/21   
Wireless Communication Service
Verizon Wireless
GS-35F-0119P 12/02/23
Wood Floors - Repairs, Sanding and Refinishing Master Care Flooring, Inc.

Master Care Flooring, Inc. Attachment

Weyer's Floor Service, Inc.

Weyer's Floor Service, Inc. Attachment
R-KS-19008 Multiple 06/30/24  
World Languages Textbooks
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

Bookpoint Ltd.

Cambridge University Press

Cengage Learning

Dawn Sign Press

Emc Paradigm Publishing

Foundation for Korean Language Culture in the USA

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

Gateway Education Holdings LLC (Pearson K12 Learning LLC)

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Education, Inc. Attachment

Vista Higher Learning
World Languages Textbooks Sign Media, Inc. RTB-16024-13-R1 06/30/23   
 Yearbook Services Candid Color Photography, LTD.

(Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Candid Color Photography, LTD. Handbook

Hercules Achievement, Inc.
(Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Hercules Achievement, Inc. Handbook

2020欧洲杯积分 (Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Jostens Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.
(Elementary Schools)

Lifetouch Nationals Schools Studios, Inc. Elementary School Handbook

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.
(Middle and High Schools)

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc. Middle and High Schools Handbook

Taylor Publishing Company 
(Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Taylor Publishing Company Handbook

Walsworth Publishing
(Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Walsworth Publishing Handbook

RKS-14029-EX2 Multiple  06/30/21  

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